Sauna KalipsoSauna "Kalipso"

Ukraine escort recomend to you one of the best Kiev saunas in Kiev - Sauna "Calypso". It is just the place in Kiev, where one can qualitatively improve the body, relax with family, girls from Ukraine escort and friends, mark the New Year, birthday, and consolidate corporate relationships and open new business contacts. 

Cool pool, hot steam room and excellent service - what more does a man need to forget the hustle and bustle of big cities, cleanse the body and mind, to feel fresh and rejuvenated, ready once again to fight for love and life.
On the beneficial effects of sauna on the health know all!

The cost per hour: 120 - 330 UAH. hour (depending on time of day)

Our address: ul.Saperno-Slobodskaya, 8
Our phone: +38 (044) 507-26-23

Sauna SaunkaSauna "Saunka"

Kiev saunas services invite you to new sauna in Kiev. You, girls from Ukraine escort or your friends will appreciate that comfort, that we will offer. Sauna with the services of a pro bath attendant, a large swimming pool, billiards, tennis, gym. 

Cozy patio, where you can not just sunbathe on the sunbeds, but they themselves make himself something on the grill, extra room for 30 people, where you can invite your friends and ladies from Kiev escort.
We look forward to you!

The cost per hour: from 180 UAH / hour

Address: ul. Berezhanskaya, 9
Our phone: +38 (044) 203-14-42

Sauna Zelena goraSauna "Zelena gora"

Comfort and great service are very important in order to rest in the Kiev sauna was only in joy. Only in this case here want to return again and again, welcome to our sauna with friends, Kiev escort models and organize gatherings gay. All this offers you our range of "Green Mountain" - official partner of Ukraine escort service. 

The cost per hour: from 180 UAH / hour

Our address: Obukhov, st. Zagreblya 21
Our phone: +38 (044) 221-58-90

Sauna Sauna 9Sauna "Sauna 9"

One of best  Kiev saunas is "Sauna 9 at Zakrevskogo 9". It's a recreation complex on the canal bank at the beginning of the array Troyeshchyna.
At your disposal are two comfortable rooms where you can to rest with ladies from Ukraine escort. Room with registration of the Russian bath to relax up to 6 people and a Finnish sauna for the best holidays of 8 persons. Each room consists of two lounges, pool and satellite TV.
Also at your disposal a bar, where we offer a different draft beer: Lviv, Tuborg and more than 10 varieties of canned beer. Large assortment of juices, teas, and organic coffee and fizzy drinks for your Kiev escort girls. 

The cost per hour: from 249,00 UAH

Address: ul. Zakrevskogo, 9
Our phone: +38 (044) 599-40-99

Ivanovskie bani"Ivanovskie bani"

Founders, of this one of Kiev saunas, tried to give everyone the opportunity to experience for yourself the true Russian steam bath, breathe it, and enjoy the cozy interior and good Kev escort service. 

Benefits baths obvious. For many centuries, to the bathhouse went in cold, rheumatism, radiculitis, obesity and other ailments. Russian sauna helps to improve the work of the respiratory tract, relieves fatigue and cleans your body perfectly. Amateurs know that after a bath manifested spiritual and physical sense of spiritual purity, which is expressed in a peculiar lightness and full appeasement. "Bath invigorates the body and cheers the soul."

In the bath you can walk as one, and the noisy company. Here you can find new friends, Ukraine escort ladies, catch up with old and just a good time.

The cost per hour: 100 - 150 UAH. person per 2 hours

Our address: Naberejno-Pecherskaya, 5
Our phone: +38 (044) 592-59-00